Educators of the future

Modern technology in the classroom allows us to simplify the teacher’s everyday life and strengthen the students. We believe in building tools that truly meet the needs of teachers and students, and we do this through user-driven innovation. At Trelson, we create tools that enable future learning, anytime – anywhere. Welcome to tomorrow’s school.

Apps that change the school world

The world is changing faster than ever – so is education and our view of pedagogy. Pencils and paper are replaced with keys and touch technology. But at the same time as the classroom takes a step into the digital world, tools and aids are needed that facilitate and create conditions for the school of the future. Because it is at the turning point between classical pedagogy and modern technology that magic takes place. And this is where we at Trelson thrive and can make the biggest difference.

For over ten years, we have been preparing hundreds of thousands of teachers and students for a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Based on the challenges that the modern school faces, we have created a wide range of apps that match tomorrow’s needs for digital educators. The result? A safer and easier everyday life for educators, administrators and students in schools all over the world. Are you interested in how our products can secure the future of your Google School? Stay in touch.


“Based on the idea of simplifying the everyday lives of both educators and students, we have created a range of apps that match today’s needs for digital educators.”

About us

Trelson is created by Online Partner, a Nordic knowledge and market-leading Google partner that drives the development of apps and digital aids for Google schools. As early as 2016, we were commissioned by the City of Gothenburg, Sweden, to develop a digital solution for how the municipality’s schools could conduct digital tests in the future. The app should require little training of either teacher or student, be cost effective and operate directly through the browser.

We accepted the challenge and launched Trelson Assessment – an addition to Google for Education where teachers easily can create, administer and evaluate digital tests in a safe and controlled environment. The solution was a success and has today spread to hundreds of thousands of active school users. But our curiosity did not stop there. With the educational world’s future needs and challenges at the center, we want to be part of the journey and support its digital transformation. That’s why we continue to develop apps and aids that simplify everyday life for teachers, administrators and students – worldwide.

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Education that suits everyone

The digital possibilities for tomorrow’s school are endless. Children and young people find it easy to absorb instructions and educational materials, but with the right digital aids, the school days of the future can look brighter for everyone. At Trelson, we support the UN’s globally set educational goal 4:5, where we want to be involved and contribute to a more equal schooling. Extended test time, spelling check, text-to-speech, speech-to-text and dyslexia fonts – by creating better conditions for people with reading and writing and other difficulties, we help to even out the knowledge gaps in the classroom.

Saves thousands of trees annually

A big advantage of digital tests is that they are just digital. Hundreds of thousands are carried out every year homework examinations, diagnostic tasks and tests through our systems – tests that would normally have been printed on millions of papers that were then thrown away. In a world with limited resources, we must together be helped to save where we can so that the next generation can also enjoy deep forests and a rich nature. This work is in line with the UN’s global goal of 12:2 to make the best use of raw materials and minimize unnecessary use of natural resources. To completely switch to digitized tests therefore means a great benefit for nature and is a natural way for the sustainable schools of the future.

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